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The New Millennium Year 2000

Welcome to Proud Millennial. A hub for .. you guessed it.. all things millennial.

My name is Destiny Padilla and I am a Poet, Writer, Spoken Word Artist. I also organize and curate events throughout NYC. I created this platform because of a parasite that entered my brain somewhere during my high school years, that said my generation was lazy and entitled. I remember confusion plaguing my youthful mind and feeling misunderstood. I thought of my friends that got better grades than me and how most of us worked summer jobs, to help out around the house and buy the Air Jordans you needed to have to not get picked on. My teachers started introducing the word Millennial to describe the generation of students in the classroom I was sitting in. I never heard this word prior to these years but I would often hear the term "New Millennium" thrown around mostly to describe the entering into the year 2000. Then the world frantically pumped out the phenomenon that the world as we know it would end, in the year 2000. Yet, to the surprise of Gen Xer's and Baby Boomers .. we are still here.

I reference this memory because I was five years old watching television and remember seeing news reporters report vigorously on the alleged END OF THE WORLD. The radio followed suite and on morning rides to school what I didn't know as anxiety then, was being normalized into my psyche as a child. The thought, that this new year that was coming was not just the coolest number sequence I had ever seen on glittery new years glasses, but the end of my goal to be an artist or doctor when I grew up. I remember praying like my mother and my Catholic school teachers taught me to, saying "God please let the world not end so that I could see Mommy, Sister, and my friends from school again. Amen". A child shouldn't have to have these prayers but I did thanks to the media.


Yours truly,

A Proud Millennial

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