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Look Up

Millennials have been exposed to the internet for the majority of our entire lives, leaving us loaded with information and access to EVERYTHING. If we want to know something we can simply “google” it. (before that we could yahoo it or ask Jeeves lol.. remember that guy?) Generations before us would have to either buy multiple books on a subject, go to school, or watch the news. The latter (watching the news), is where us millennials, immensely differ in that we don’t really watch the news much. In fact, we find most of our news through social media outlets or online web news reporting sources. This was not the case for our gramps and rents.. So.. think there’s any correlation between that and mental illness rates skyrocketing?

I won’t go crazy into being a conspiracy theorist.. Lol this isn’t that kind of blog or post for that matter but..! I will give you an activity to perform the next time you go outside.


1. Ask yourself these questions and answer yourself HONESTLY.

When was the last time you went somewhere without your phone? Can you travel without listening to music or using a GPS? Ever used a handheld map to travel? Can you travel via bus or train without reading a book or having something on hand to read? Could the access to "everything" make us feel nothing? Can you exist without escapism? Why do we continue to create more forms of escapism? Is it because our years of too much access to everything? What has it done to our mental health?

2. Lift your head up off of the device you’re reading this on.

3. Look around.

Yours Truly,

A Proud Millennial

Destiny Padilla

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